Supporting Development

All children are supported in developing their potential at their own pace. Our Key Person system enables us to ensure activities are planned to meet the needs and interests of each individual child while working within the Early Years Foundation Stage.

By means of developmentally appropriate play activities and a high level of adult input, our setting prepares the children to progress with confidence towards more formal schooling.

The EYFS has seven areas of learning, three prime areas and four more specific areas. Many of the activities we provide for our children will cover these areas in a holistic manner while the children play.

You can find more information about your child's journey through the Early Years on the EYFS web site.

EYFS Guide

Areas of learning

  • personal, social and emotional development - building self confidence, friendships, adult relationships and self control.
  • communication & language  - extending vocabulary and fluency through talking, singing and listening.
  • physical development - developing confidence and enjoyment in body skills, indoors and out including self care and fine motor.
  • literacy - enjoy stories and rhymes both in books and orally.
  • maths - familiarity with basic concepts (counting, sorting, matching, sequencing, shape and measure).
  • understanding the world - hands-on exploration of materials, working with simple tools.
  • expressive arts and design - using a variety of resources includes art, craft, music & dance to express ideas and feelings.